Hadsten House Inn and Spa

The Hadsten House Inn and Spa is just beautiful!! From the outside you would not even know, it really looks like any other hotel. Solvang was our last stop on our road trip - and what a way to end it! In a quaint little danish town, with pastries, great dinner, miniature horses, and the most comfortable bed to rest in! We arrived in Solvang later than planned, that was partly my fault for rushing through the planning. I had wanted to stop about every two hours and spend each night in a new place - but for some reason - we had a four hour drive to Solvang from Monterey and the coast line was just so beautiful we could not help but take our time. Right after leaving Monterey was the 17 mile drive - there was a $10 entrance fee and we sat there for a moment debating weather to do it or not - we really did not have the time, but Pebble Beach was in there as well as so many other wonderful spots that they have lined out for you. Let me tell you - I am so so happy that we paid the ten dollars, this was the most beautiful, scenic drive - and the sights & history you get to see more than made up for the $10! Then of course for the kids we had to stop along the beaches to see the sea lions - it's mating season, so they are all ashore - which was fun to watch! We finally arrive in Solvang fifteen minutes til six - right on time, but not time to rest! We checked in, made a restroom run and walked to the restaurant. When I walked in I felt like I was in a really fancy place. The lights we're dim (which is why there's no pics), it was small and very intimate, and in the corner were couches & a fireplace - fancy yet comfortable. We were the only ones there with kids - which made me feel a bit uncomfortable, especially since they placed us right in the middle of the room! HA! Most the others were older, retired folks enjoying a weekend getaway - luckily we sat next to a nice older couple who missed their grandkids so loved our kids! Whew! Dinner was superb! Although I don't think I ever waited so long for food - they were soooo slow!! My husband and I both had the bacon wrapped Fillet Mignon - yummy!! For desert we had the flourless chocolate cake - wow, not what I expected at all!! I guess I was expecting a dry, crumbly piece of cake. This tasted more like a rich moose more than anything - just melted in your mouth. By the time we got out of there it was probably closing in on eight - we we're all stuffed and the town was shut down for the night - so went back to our room to get some much needed sleep!
Just from looking at it you can get an idea that the bed was going to be awesome!! This is just what we needed after a week of traveling! The kids slept on the pull out sofa, and come morning I just did not want to get out of bed, and by the end of the day was wishing I would have taken advantage of some extra sleep!! The room was perfect for the four of us, had a gas fireplace, comfortable robes, and cartoons to keep the kids entertained.
We got up early knowing that we had to make the long trip home in the morning and had a couple other stops we wanted to make. The hotel serves a complete all you can eat breakfast in the morning - and I am not just talking toast & cereal. There was muffins, eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, coffee, oj, and so much more - again we got stuffed! After breakfast we gathered our stuff together, checked out and walked the town. I had been to Solvang once when I was about 18 and remember their danish pastries - could not leave town without a box!! I wish I would have taken a pic for you all of my pastries - yum yum and so pretty too!

After touring the town by foot - the kids were exhausted from walking!! So we hopped in the car and headed to the Miniature Horse Ranch just five minutes north of town. Quicksilver Ranch is a large-scale miniature horse ranch with daily tours. We walked around looking at the horses - which my daughter loved because they were just "her" size. We were lucky to see the one mama below with her baby - so cute!!
As we headed back to the freeway, just on the other side of Solvang - not even five minutes out was The Ostrich Farm. This one kind of scared me. I have watched TV shows about these animals before and heard that they are not that friendly and can be very mean & dangerous. I was not sure what to expect and if I even wanted my kids to feed them. We walked in and saw that we had to pay to feed them. It was $1.00 for every pound - that way they could keep track of how much the animals ate. So - I bought one pan for each child, we read the rules and off we went! It was actually fun and the kids loved it so much they wanted to do it again! We were told to hold onto the bowls very tightly and make sure you keep your fingers off the bowl. These guys will even try to steal the bowl away from you!

A big thank you to Solvang for hosting us!! We wish we would have had more time to really enjoy it and not be so rushed!! A weekend is definitely the way to go!!

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**Disclosure: Solvang provided us with one nights stay at the Hadsten House Inn. No monetary compensation was received.