Fan Stamp

I don't know what it is about fake tattoos, but the kids seem to just go crazy over them! My kids go nuts over them and as soon as they see one, that's how quick they are in the bathroom trying to put them on!! Putting them on can sometimes be a mess, water gets all over the place or they may smudge and peel off easily. Fan Stamp takes it one step ahead - no water needed!! Fan Stamp applies without water - just peel, rub and stick! The stamp is made from high end make up that won't drip like regular face paint. My favorite part about this product (besides the use of no water) is that you can use the same stamp over and over. My daughter loved this ladybug tattoo, she wanted it on each cheek. This was so easy to put on!! You simply peel off the cover, apply the stamp to the area where you are applying it and press down for a few seconds. It did not take long to apply at all. As I am getting older I notice that my hands don't stay still very easily, so I was afraid I was going to smudge it. This did not seem to smudge at all and I just pressed down for five seconds and it was perfect!! I love how it looked, I wish I would have taken a picture for you all, but this really looked like a professional face painting job. So different than the fake tattoos that go on with water. Those seem to peel easily and start to crack. With Fan Stamp I did not see any cracks starting to form and there is nothing for it to start peeling. Fan Stamp is completely hygienic and can be easily removed with any oil based make up remover that is safe for the face and eye area.

Pros -
  • Easy to apply - just peel, press & rub - no water needed
  • Professional looking - no cracks or peeling
  • One stamp can be reapplied more than one time
  • Convenient for costumes or dressing up
Cons -
  • This can get expensive if buying for a party or group
Example of pricing - you can get an animal package for $8.25 which includes one eye design, one face design, and removal wipe instructions (when you buy 6-23)

I don't know if I would spend this much money if I was buying for a party....but on a personal level I love love love this for use on my own children!! This is also great to carry in your purse when you plan on going out to a carnival or somewhere they will have face painting. We usually pass on it because they just charge so much! Now when my children ask if they can have their face painted I can pull out Fan Stamp and save about half the price and most the time it will probably look a lot better than having someone at the festival do it anyway. Even for Halloween - it sure beats any design I can create!!

Visit Fan Stamp to see the many designs they have and for more information!! They even have Disney and Team Colors too!!