Better Oats

If you're like me, I am not a big fan of breakfast. Sure, I'll eat a bowl of yogurt, mix up a smoothie or occasionally have a bowl of oatmeal with my husband - who is big on breakfast. I eat oatmeal for breakfast because I have heard it's good for you, and breakfast is suppose to be the most important meal of the day, right? After I get my bowl of oatmeal together with all the added milk, butter and sugar I add, I it Still good for me? lol! Well, now there's a new oatmeal on the market "Better Oats". We were asked to put Better Oats to the test against one of the leading brands on the market today. Knowing how much my husband loves oatmeal and hearing that Better Oats carries 34 different varieties - this was one test we were happy to take! We received the box below - and I was anxious to try it the next morning.

I always am the first one up, so thought I would cook up some oatmeal before my husband would wake up and put Better Oats to the real test. I wanted in on this too, so - on the bottom of the two bowls we were sent I tapped a piece of paper with the name of each brand of oatmeal it had in it. I followed the directions on each of the packets sent. Better Oats comes in individual packages which also substitutes as a measuring cup. You tear off the top of the packet across the dotted line and pour the oats into the bowl. With that same individual packet you fill it up with cold water up to the fill line - then pour into the bowl and microwave. Simple as 1, 2, 3!! I love this method and the individual packets - that makes it extremely easy for on the go, camping, etc... The end result =
Can you tell the difference? The bowl on the left hand side is Better Oats. Just from observing it, it looks more chunky, flavorful and has bigger oats. I have to admit I know how hard it can be to switch brands / tastes after you've been having the same thing for months, maybe even years. The one pictured above is the apples and cinnamon - which I have to admit is not a favorite flavor of mine - but if I did like it, this is something that I would not need to add any extras too. There were a lot of good size apple chunks and the flavor my husband seemed to like. They have so many varieties and flavors I was so anxious to try another so I cooked up the Lavish Dark Chocolate. This one must be one of those tastes that you have to acquire - it just did not set with me & I am a chocolate lover! I took one bite and just could not eat no more. I will give it another try before I throw the box away though since it is made with real chocolate morsels and a good source of fiber. The next morning I also tried the original flavor, adding my milk, butter & sugar. The oatmeal was yummy!! Other flavors include maple & brown sugar, peaches and cream, cinnamon roll, berry blast and so many more - remember there are 34 flavors!!!
  • All varieties are made with 100% whole grain oats and are naturally trans-fat and cholesterol free
  • All varieties contain ground Flax seeds, which are a natural source of Omega-3 and a good source of fiber
  • All varieties are packaged in an innovative built in measuring cup pouch (Love it!!)
Take the Better Oats taste test yourself! Visit to sign up for the challenge and to learn more about Better Oats.