Talking Beauty......

Kroger has announced their new beauty care line for women seeking effortless beauty. Personally I cannot believe that Korger did not do this long ago - but I was so excited to be given the opportunity to try their new product line. I have always searched for the "perfect" hair products for my hair. My hair is long and thick - which means I have to wash it every day or I feel like it's dirty and stringy! That also means I need a good product that will help ease styling as well as give me that extra volume and moisture my hair needs. I guess you could say I have that idea in me that the more you pay for the item the better quality you will get. That also goes with store brands. I am more of a brand name person who normally would not give store brands a second look unless I really on a budget and trying to save a few dollars. I can say, I love the look of their new line - it seems fresh and does not have the typical "store brand" look.
Product description from Kroger -

"Designed to make hair look and feel it's best, Mirra Daily shampoos and conditioners are professionally formulated to adapt to your hair's unique needs: Smoothing, Volumizing, and Color Treated. Mirra products contain sunflower extract, soy protein, amino acids, and chicory root, along with other ingredients, to counteract the harsh effects of hard water and restore a healthy PH balance to your hair - allowing your hair to reach its full potential. Styling products provide moisture, shine, and hold."

When I shop for beauty products for my hair, I usually go through a few until I find one that I like, then I will switch it up every now and then to avoid build up. Using the Mirra Shampoo, I loved the smell and felt that it worked good enough to buy again every now and then. Now the conditioner - that's a different story. I need a conditioner that from the time I rinse will leave my hair shiny, silky and easy to brush through. This product did not live up to that. After rinsing the conditioner out - it left my hair feeling rough, full of knots and dry. I was disappointed, but it sadly it was something I expected out of a store brand product. Maybe it will work differently on different types of hair.......but I have to give this product a thumbs down.

**Disclosure - I received the products courtesy of The Kroger Company for review as a part of the Global Influence Network.