Henry's BBQ

When I am out of town I do not like to eat at everyday, normal places I can eat at home. I like to try and find the hole in the wall places, the places the locals go to eat. The tourists spots can get quite pricey - so I'll usually stop people to ask where is the "hot" spot to eat. We had just spent a few hours at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and were starving!! We drove around a bit but there did not seem to be much going on, either that or we just could not find the "local" spot. We had some RedBox DVD's we had to return, so stopped at the local grocery store. While we were there we asked the cashier where the spot was.....we drove by and it did not seem happening so ended up driving around a bit - which seemed like another half hour we wasted. We ended back at Henry's BBQ and so happy we did - this has to be the best BBQ food I have every had!

The first night we ate dinner there. The kids and I had the BBQ chicken. The bbq sauce had a little kick to it, maybe a little too much for the kids - but I loved it. The chicken itself was very moist with a nice crunchy skin. My husband got the double burger. Just looking at it, I had to try it - there is nothing better than a good juicy bbq burger! I took one bite and it literally melted in my mouth. This was the perfect burger! For the french fry lovers these were pretty good fries! They had a seasoning on them that made them even better! We enjoyed this place so much we had to go back for lunch the next day!

Henry is there most of the time cooking most of the main meals on the outside bbq, with a smaller bbq indoors to reheat the food. They even grind their own beef their daily. The prices are very budget friendly with a burger and fries setting you back only $6.50 and even includes a side of beef and bean chili. This is a must stop if going through Monterey Bay!!

Henry's BBQ
401 Lighthouse Ave.
Monterey, CA 93942