Baby Safety

Rhoost is a new line of baby safety products. As my own children are older, I have not had to think about baby safety. But, I do remember when they were babies and as a first time mother, being worried about locking the cupboards, keeping the oven shut, and them hitting those sharp table corners!! Back then they were plastic and not very good looking. They were ugly, bulky, and well....just plain tacky!! Rhoost is more fashionable and modern. Fitting in with the decor more, while at the same time protecting our children. Rhoost products are made from a recyclable thermoplastic elastomer, which feels like a rubber - something I can be certain that would not hurt my child if they were to fall against it. With the plastic, the children were still capable of scraping themselves. This new product was easy to use and clean, and withheld the test of my children pulling and twisting at it.

For the sling hub pictured above - a pack of four retails for only $9.99!!

You can visit Rhoost at