April Fools

Happy April Fool's Everyone!!! I love having fun and especially playing pranks on other. Every wonder how April Fools began and how other countries celebrate the day? I did some research and found that the earliest recorded association with April Fools dates back to 1392!! I think having a good laugh is always needed, and when it's at another person's expense....well sometimes that just makes it even better. Us Americans love getting a good laugh through others and some do it all year long. In England jokes are only played in the morning, the victim of the joke is called a noodle and it was considered to be bad luck to play a joke on someone after noon. While in Portugal, April Fools falls on the Sunday and Monday before Lent. In their celebration many people throw flour at their friends. Now that does not sound too bad......throwing flour at each other! Kind of fun and an opportunity to just let loose, but can you imagine what a mess that would make?

Then there are those that no matter what you do they will not budge - meaning that they just do not get the holiday. They are grouchy, unhappy and get mad when you try and play a trick on them. Seriously, that actually just makes it all more the fun!! LOL!!!