Superbowl Sunday with Swanson's

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Superbowl Sunday - I think most of us look forward to it for one reason or another, even if it has nothing to do with football! I have to admit I am not a football fan, but Superbowl Sunday is one day I do look forward to. I like to watch the entertainment as well as the commercials they come out with every year. I can also say this is the one event that usually ruin's my New Year's resolution of dieting! LOL! Superbowl Sunday is the perfect excuse for a gathering of friends, family and good fun!

Swanson knows that Superbowl Sunday means good times and good food. They are sharing their tips to help save you time and money. TIP #1 - Whey take the chance of mailing out invites and them not arriving in time? Some of us get so busy that sometimes we don't even look at the mail for days. These days most everyone seems to communicate through some kind of electronic device. So why not sent an invitation via email? It does not cost any postage, takes less time and will get to it's destination in just seconds. It also makes it easier for your guests to RSVP. Try Evite - they have your perfect Superbowl invites! TIP #2 - Have a potluck. Ask your guests to each bring a dish or item - that will help cut down on costs and relieve you from doing it all. TIP #3 - Have a 3 "D"s Party: Dips, Drinks, Desserts. Have everyone bring a different dip or dessert and you provide the drinks. Have fun taste-testing and comparing different dip accompaniments such as crackers, veggies, breads, fruits and more! Really most anything can be dipped! Experiment & have fun!

One of this years most popular dips is Buffalo Chicken Dip. You can save time and effort by making this dip with Swanson Premium Chicken. Their chicken is already precut into chunks and made with only white chicken breast. You can find the recipe along with more great tips here -