Happy Valentines Day

My two youngest children are so excited about Valentines day. Today they are each having a small party in the class and exchanging valentines. Last night as we were getting their cards ready, my daughter asked "what is Valentines Day?" I thought to myself for a moment, and then told her that it was simply a day to celebrate love, to be nice to one another and love each other. She is five, and I am still not sure if she fully understands, she still asks - "but what do we do?" So cute, innocent and full of excitement.

As I leave you for the weekend.......take a moment and think about others around you. Maybe give more complements than you usually do, make someone laugh or maybe you don't realize how little you say "I love you" - take a break from it all, take someone aside and give them a hug and tell them how much you love them - that really will mean more than any materialistic gift!!!