Dell Inspiron

So this past Friday I received the new Dell Inspiron from Dell to review. This was a planned review, but I was not expecting this for another few weeks! We have a fun event planned for March - which I cannot tell you yet, but should be a ton of fun!! The Dell Inspiron will be part of this planned event and we'll let you in on it March 1st when we make our announcement! In the meantime you will all venture with me on my new laptop experience! This is kind of embarrassing to say, but I have never ever touched a laptop! I am a desktop baby, and have never ventured to the laptop world...until now.

When we got it out of the box it was so beautiful, a baby blue and so shiny. I was kind of disappointed at how heavy it was, but maybe that is how they all are suppose to be? It reminded me of the original cell phone - how big and clunky they were back then compared to now. Other than that, it's just gorgeous!! Since we don't have an air card yet, we have been playing games on it and have to say we have been having some great family time with it! I was even clueless on how to connect to the Internet, so I had to go to Best Buy for them to explain it to me and to see what I needed. They told me Virgin Mobile will be coming out with something new on March 1st and to wait until then to buy - so we are going to wait. There is no sense in signing up for a contract since I will not have it long anyway.

Well, happy Monday everyone - I just wanted to share with you my newest arrival and will be sharing my learning process with you as well as some exciting news soon......stay tuned!!