Baseball Season!!!

I love this time of year!!! Baseball season is upon us for the little ones. We have started having practice, gearing up for picture day this weekend followed by opening day next weekend. We have had meetings all week and I am just wiped out already and the season has not even officially begun. But I have to admit there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I absolutely love being a Mother, having fun with my children, taking in every little moment, and being involved in any way I can. As a parent I not only believe it is our job, but I believe that you must be involved in your child's events as much as possible - I think it is so crucial and a has a huge impact in their life.

It is so cute to watch these little ones play, and as they get older the fun just gets better. Small, cute mishaps turn into big competition and the excitement just grows. What ever you child is interested in, I encourage you to give them the opportunity to try it out - even if it's not something you may be interested in - take interest in what THEY are interested in! Who knows, after trying it they may not even find it fun or something that they want to do - but allow them to at least have that experience and input in the activities they participate in.

Well again - I have had practices & meetings all week this week and am really wiped out!!!! I know we all have our work and priorities, and get tired - a parent we should never be too tired to let our children explore their interests. Have fun & get involved!!

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  1. I agree. There are some really magical times to be had by letting your children be involved in his or her interest. Be it dance (I got one of those), baseball, basketball or even art. Support them by being active in what ever they choose. It is so great to see your children beaming with passion, for something they love to do. Having you there makes it even better for them.

    Softball season for my teen is coming up and my 5 yr old just got through with basketball week. It was so much FUN. I can't wait for softball to start.