Triaminic Thin Strips are a pre-measured dose that dissolves on the tongue. This new product is great for children that start running when they hear the word medicine! My youngest daughter is five and I have the hardest time with her. She just will not take it, no matter what. I have tried putting it in food, drinks, flavoring it - tried it all and she just won't have it. This is something I think she might try, and laying it on her tongue hopefully it would dissolve quick enough that there would be nothing to spit back at me!! LOL **please use as directed

Triaminic also has a really neat feature on their website called The Tracker - keep tabs on the most active cold and flu areas and follow areas week to week and it's so easy to use. You click on your state, then your closest city and it will tell you the cough, cold and flu level in that area. I checked out Los Angeles and according to the tracker we have a moderate level of cough, cold and flu - which to me doesn't really sound that bad for Los Angeles!

Triaminic would also like to share some of their Sick Day Guidelines - Consider keeping your children home if -
  • Has a fever of 100.4 or higher
  • Has been vomiting
  • Has symptoms that prevent the child from participating in school such as a sore throat, earache, excessive tiredness, etc...
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**Please use all medication as directed. The information above is for entertainment purposes only.