Nerves & Pet Peeves!

These past few weeks there have really been some people and even a certain company that has really been hitting at my nerves. I tried so hard to be professional and not say what I really feel, but sometimes it's just so darn hard to bite my tongue! Then the other side of me thinks about how funny these "people" really are making themselves look, and I have to laugh. start off the New Year - I thought I would list some of my top Pet Peeves!

  • Driving Too Slow - Especially when you are in a hurry and you get behind someone driving so slow that you just want to nudge them a bit
  • Drivers on their Cells - This one not only bugs me because they loose their concentration on the road - but also because they put all of us in danger doing so.
  • Not following through - When something is said and then not followed through - this happen to me a couple weeks ago with a "certain site" it makes them look very unprofessional
  • Getting my mail in Spanish just because my last name is Hispanic - Hello people - this is the United States - I talk, write AND read in English as we ALL should
  • Someone stops right in front of you while walking - We have passes to Disney, but we also go out alot, and I can't stand it when someone stops right in the middle of the walkway - move to the side people!!
  • Drunk Drivers that get off easy - This makes me angry more than anything - these drunk drivers that hurt and sometimes even kill the people they hit - never end up getting injured themselves, then get an easy sentence
  • When you ask someone what's wrong & they tell you nothing - ummm, hello - but I can tell something is wrong otherwise I wouldn't be asking
  • Ignorant People - I won't even go into this one....I think you know exactly what I am talking about...
  • When your about to go watch TV & someone else goes in and turns the TV on - happens all the time in my house LOL
  • When the toilet paper roll is backwards - also happens all the time here..........
  • When other people sleep on my pillow - there is a reason everyone has their own pillow
Now I could go on and on, as I am sure we all have our list of things that just bug the hell out of us. I would love to hear your pet peeves, the things that bug you the most, and how you try not to let it get to you!

Happy New Year!