Meet Lance Kopplin

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald house and was lucky enough to share that opportunity with you as you may remember. I met so many wonderful and amazing families. I did not have the opportunity to meet this courageous young man, but wanted to share his story with you. Lance Kopplin is a ten year old boy who, at the age of six was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma - a cancerous tumor in his eye. The tumor quickly spread to his brain and after a relapse the Doctor's predicted a 0% chance of survival.

My youngest son is six - the same age at which Lance was diagnosed. I cannot even begin to imagine what him and his family went through. During his battles with cancer Lance and his family stayed in four Ronald McDonald Houses in four different cities for a total of 200 nights. The Ronald McDonald House gave the family the opportunity to fully focus on Lance and getting the best treatment for him possible. There were no bills to pay, meals to cook, or chores to worry about - their entire stay cost them about $400. It has been more than three years since the Kopplan's got the bad news, and now Lance is totally cancer free!

Lance is now starring in his own commercial - I hope you will watch this boy who is so full of courage and ambition, makes you take a moment to realize how precious life really is and how grateful each and everyone of us should be for what we have.