McDonalds & Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

McDonalds is bringing the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games to fans across the globe with athlete-themed packaging. We love watching the Olympics and love McDonalds :) Our youngest daughter especially - as I am sure most with toddlers, their favorite food always seems to be chicken nuggets and fries. In my daughters eyes, if McDonalds will be supporting the Olympic games, my daughter will be right there with them. It is a great way to get the kids asking questions and knowledgeable about what the Olympics are.

Did you know, that not only will McDonalds have athlete themed packaging, but they will be building two new restaurants inside the Olympic villages to feed more than 10,000 athletes, coaches and officials expected at the games. These restaurants will be open 24 hours.

Here in the US customers will see some of their favorite winter athletes on McDonalds packaging, including Graham Watanabe (men's snowboard), Kelly Clark (women's snowboard), Jennifer Rodriquez (women's speed skating), and many more will be featured on cups and bags starting Feb. 1st.

Some fun facts about McDonalds supporting the 2010 Winter Olympics -
(brought to you from McDonalds)

  • "McDonald’s Champion Kids from across Canada will be joined by kids from countries, such as the U.S., Germany, Ukraine and England to attend Olympic Winter Games events, meet athletes, visit the Olympic Village, tour cultural sites and receive their own gold medals from Olympic champions"
  • "The children also will serve as special youth correspondents to share their experiences with their hometown news outlets. They will be well-guided by an experienced Canadian young journalist and blogger, Max Newton from Vancouver. He was a McDonald’s Champion Kid for the Beijing Games and will return for the 2010 Winter Games as a program ambassador."
  • "As part of McDonald’s Olympic Games tradition of giving back to the host country, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Canada, in cooperation with the province of British Columbia, the Rick Hansen Foundation and 2010 Legacies Now, is helping to fund three world-class accessible playgrounds located in Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler. These state-of-the-art playgrounds will meet the needs of children with disabilities and enable these children to play side by side with their siblings, families and friends."
Our family has enjoyed the Olympics as a game and what it stands for. It brings the Country together and our pride is held high. I hope you join McDonalds in supporting the 2010 Winter Olympics