When The Parents Aren't Around...

I am going to try to make this as short as possible, while opening your eyes and mind to a side of your child's school you may likely not know about. They school system is something you don't usually think twice about, you usually drop your kids off in the morning, head off to work and not even think twice about what is really going on. In a way I guess I could say I am lucky to have the opportunity to stay home with my children and have that extra time with them that is so needed.

Some of you know about my youngest son's teacher who I have spoken of before. She had told me once that she would get so frustrated because she was not able to get any work done because the kids would not listen. She would tell the kids that if they did not listen they were going to be dumb. She would call them stupid and yell at them. There would be days when I would drop my son off at school and she would have ten names on the board to students that were not listening. To me, this is simply a teacher who does not have structure in her class. Someone who could not handle 30 six year olds.

Our school district is very small, we only have two elementary schools, one Jr. high and no high school. The budget for the school district is so much in the negative this year they had to close down one of the elementary schools and jam pack all the kids into one. I was very nervous about my child attending, and ever since the beginning of the school year they have given me a reason to be nervous. The same time we lost a school, we also lost our superintendent. This left the principle of the elementary school also acting as superintendent. This is way too much work for one person. Running a school as well as the entire district. I had to complain over three times about my son's teacher. Finally I had him moved, and every since moving it has been great. He now has a wonderful teacher, who has structure and know how to incorporate discipline when needed.

My next issue was the school fundraiser that they just held. Some of you helped my son out by making a purchase. He was sent home with a flier that if he sold five items he would get to attend a BMX bike show at the school. If he sold over 20 items he would get VIP access including front row, autographs, t-shirt, poster, etc..... He reached his goal of over 20 items and he was so excited to attend the show. Can you believe they left him out of the VIP part of it because their paperwork was wrong - they only had him down as selling 12 items... I was out raged! On top of that they ended up letting the entire school go - which to me, as a parent I felt scammed - that the flier they sent home told us our child HAD to sell five items to go - and I spent money that I did not have so that my son would be able to even attend. Then they end up opening it up to everyone.....that is plain wrong, possibly even illegal.

My last vent and eye opener is what our children eat and do they really get enough time to eat? We have a bus stop in front of our house, so I let the children take the bus every now and then. Well the bus arrives, well is suppose to arrive at 7:31, then it takes about ten minutes for the kids to get to the cafeteria. School starts at eight. The bus is most always late, but one day last week was over ten minutes late. I called the school to make sure they would get enough time to eat breakfast and they said the transportation dept. has to call them to inform them of late arrivals or they will not be given extra time. So I called transportation and they supposedly called the school. When my son got home that day he had told me he only got 3 minutes to eat. I called the school and she said no, that they get at least 10 min. So I thought my son who is six maybe misheard. I decided to follow the bus one day and find out what is really going on. Can you believe that my son was telling the truth? The last bus got there, the kids got their food, sat down and they were given four minutes to eat! I asked the supervisor in there why they only got four minutes and she said "yep, it's the transportation dept." I thought - yeah, but they are eating here, with you - let the poor kids eat! So now I always make sure I either feed my kids before or I will take them to school and sit down with them to eat to make sure they get enough time. I know this is a long post....but one more thing - do you know what your kids are eating??

The kids get to choose either the hot item of the day or cereal. The hot item runs out quickly and did you know they give them what ever they have in the cafeteria at the time. The kids in line for the hot item - once that has run out, I saw them once giving the kids two small bagels for their breakfast, or even a cereal bar, a small yogurt..........my point is they don't get a lot and probably something that is not even on the menu or nutritional.

Again, I could go on and on, the list does not end here. I encourage each and every one of you with children to get more involved in your children's school and most of all SPEAK UP! Too often no one speaks up, but if no one does things will remain the same and it will be your child who will suffer.......