Holly & Hal's Uplifting Christmas Adventure
Join Holly & Hall on their uplifting Christmas Adventure this Tuesday night on ABC. Our family was lucky enough to be invited to a special preview of the movie. We started off at Build a Bear making our very own Holly & Hal Moose. My son loved Hal, as the Christmas lights light up in his ears. If you have never experienced Build a Bear, it's a must for any family weekend. It's a great way to spend some quality family time together and gives the children an opportunity to let their imaginations run. You first pick out your stuffed animal, they have so many cute ones out for the holiday season - Frosty being on the top of my list. Next you go to the stuffing machine where they stuff your bear and you choose the heart you want to go inside your special friend
After we were done stuffing one of the build a bear associates gathers everyone around and we kiss the hearts for good luck and close our eyes, making a special wish. The heart then goes into the bear and is sealed up. The bear will always have a special part of you inside. Those are my two little ones below, making their wishes......
Now if you have never been inside build a bear, their choice of clothing is amazing. Kind of depressing too, wishing I had a closet full of clothes like that! You could literally spend hours upon hours trying to choose the one perfect outfit for your new friend. (this is not it, this is just one of the walls full of clothes, yes, I know, very depressing! LOL)Build a Bear is the perfect holiday gift for those children in your life that love adventure and imagination. I suggest not buying it to give to them, instead take them to the store and let them use their imagination to help create their perfect furry friend come to life.

Holly & Hal is the first furry friends of Build a Bear to star in their own movie. Holly is the level headed sister who is always expected to watch over her little brother Hal who always seems to be needing rescued. Hal is a little boy full of imagination and dreams. Without giving up too much, they make it to the north pole and try to help Santa save Christmas; believing that dreams can come true.

Holly & Hal's Uplifting Christmas Adventure
Tuesday, November 24Th
ABC Family

(check your local listings for air time. It will also air early Saturday morning)

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