Get a FREE Brainy Baby DVD!

The Brainy Baby Company ( celebrates its Website re-design with new features and resources to help parents access and better experience the Brainy Baby® DVD, book, music, toy, and flashcard collection. With a new look and easy navigation, the main focus of the new site is to provide parents with a new product guide, resources, reviews and testimonials that can help better expose infants and preschoolers to concepts like ABCs, music, shapes and colors.

Brainy Baby has been a household name for years and for years to come it will be passed down. It is a name we all know and trust. I can remember my kids watching it when they were younger, and their eyes just glued to the screen! The Brainy Baby Company has always been committed to helping children during their years of discovery. Due to the overwhelming response of Brainy Baby's DVD giveaway since it launched in July, the company is now extending the DVD Giveaway until the end of the year to help support families, childcare centers, teachers, and grandparents that have not already participated.

To take advantage of the Free DVD campaign, you must choose one DVD from a selection of four of Brainy Baby's most popular titles (ABCs, Music, Laugh & Learn or Shapes & Colors). The DVD's are FREE ($17.95 value) until December 31st. Participants only have to pay the shipping and handling of $6.95. If you live in the Atlanta area you can make arrangements to pick up your free copy at Brainy Baby's Office.

For additional information and details about the FREE DVD GIVEAWAY visit