NOT Happy With Target!

This past weekend we had a small gathering for our youngest daughter who turned five last month. We have been deciding on where to buy her cake at. We have recently started doing our grocery shopping at Super Target. They have much better prices, clearance, a much wider variety and they have the best store brand! So of course we decided to try out their bakery and get her birthday cake there. We put in our order about a week ahead of time and paid when we ordered. The Friday before the party we drove into town, which is about a 30 minute drive for us to pick up the cake. We did not look at it before leaving the store, got in the car with it and I finally decided to take a look at it. I am so glad I did! It was not what our daughter choose at all. My daughter is a big chocolate fan and she wanted the cake with the chocolate design instead of white. Well, the cake had white frosting. To some this may not matter, and if it was for me I would not care. But, this is for our daughter, her birthday and only comes once a year.

The woman working at the bakery was very nice and said she would be happy to do the cake over, but it would not be ready until later that night. We ended up not having time to go back into town to pick up the cake that night. The party was planned for 3pm the next day and we had plans to go to the local airshow that morning. This just ended up ruining our Saturday morning airshow excursion. We were already in a rush as it was trying to get ready for the party, now we had to take an hour out of our time and drive back into town to pick up the cake because Target screwed up on this one!

We got to Target and the woman at the bakery was polite and told us she had talked to the manager and we had two options. We could either take a $3.00 coupon that we could use on our next shopping trip - yes - you heard me, $3.00 lousy dollars, and a coupon! HA that was really like a laugh in our face insult! I could not believe that they really were offering a three dollar coupon for their screw-up! The other option was to take $10 off the cake. While that was a bit better, that was still not acceptable for me. I had just spent the ten dollars driving thirty minutes each way to make an unnecessary trip into town that I did not plan to do. How was that helping me any? I asked to speak to a manager. The assistant manager came over and I explained the situation to her. It was like talking to a brick wall, she just stood there saying uhmmm, uhmm...... uh, hello, are you not understanding what I am saying? She talked to me like a child, saying "did they not tell you what your options were?" UGH!! again HELLO??? anybody home??? LOL! It was obvious she was not planning on listening or doing anything to rectify the situation. So we took the ten dollars off, wrote down all of her information and have a letter off to Target Guest Relations.