My Baby: First Steps Sneak Peak

If you own a DS or Wii you are going to want to get your hands on this game! I got a sneak peak at the game, and I have to tell you, as a mother of four with my youngest being five - it was so much fun playing with a baby again!! LOL! My Baby: First Steps is published by SouthPeak Games and will be released on November 3rd for $29.99. You get to nurture your baby, teach him or her how to talk by talking into the microphone, and you can even tickle your baby! You can also take pictures of your baby and send them to Grandma, and you can even choose the sex, eye color and skin color of your baby!! We will have a full review of this once it is featured in our gift guide, I just wanted to let everyone know of the release this coming week and how much fun this game really is!!

Visit MyBaby Village for where you can purchase it, sneak peaks of the game, and you can even visit Village Hall to print out a birth certificate for your baby!

**to answer one question that came up, I do not believe this comes with a mic for the wii. We tested out the ds version and the actual ds has a mic on it which you blow into that.