McDonald's Champion Kids

This winter, Vancouver will be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and McDonald's USA is offering a fun, exciting and very unique opportunity for young kids around the country to attend the Olympics as a McDonald's Champion Kid (MCK) and a hometown correspondent. Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson joins McDonald's in inviting 11-14 year-olds to enter online for a chance to become a McDonald's Champion Kid.

McDonald's is all about family and bringing joy to the eyes of many children. It is a family favorite of ours as I remember growing up and my Grandpa taking me out for hot fudge sundaes every time we would stay the weekend. I remember I was around 8 years old and thinking, "wow" old people like McDonald's too? LOL!! Every Sunday after church we would always pick up McDonald's after church too. McDonald's golden arches will always be a favorite of kids from generations on and this is just one example of the many ways McDonald's brings joy and fun to families across the country.

The online contest will run until October 30Th, allowing kids 11-14 to submit an essay and video or photo demonstrating what the Olympic values of friendship, excellence, and respect means to them and why they should be chosen to represent their hometown as a McDonald's Champion Kid. There's not much time left to get in your entries, so get on over and enter! Make sure you come back here and tell us all about your experience and good luck to all my Hula Hooping Readers!!

For 2009 MCK contest information and rules, please visit