3 Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash

With kids, work and the responsibilities of running a household that does not leave much time for preparing meals. After a long day, we all tend to reach for something simple, maybe a frozen dinner or even a quick drive for some fast food. If you are like me, that can get boring and unhealthy too. I grew up on fast food, so for me it's important to give my children the nutrition they need and to teach the value and importance of a home cooked meal. But....that does not necessarily mean slaving over a hot stove for hours a day. Here are three tips to getting dinner ready in a flash -

1) Buy prepared meat (below is an example - has chicken, onions, peppers & seasoning) At most of the supermarkets today you can find packaged meat already seasoned and you can also usually buy it with or without vegetables in it. This is one of our favorites - I just throw it all together on the stove and have a quick stir fry or bring out the tortillas and make tacos. 2) Spend a Sunday preparing dinner for the entire week. Maybe cook a roast or chicken and freeze it in packages for the week. I love to cook a whole chicken, shred it and use the meat in so many different ways. With a whole chicken favorites in our house are chicken quesadillas, chicken tortilla soup, enchiladas, taquitos, grilled cheese with chicken inside, bar-b-que chicken stir fry and so many more!

3) Crock-Pot - this is my favorite kitchen appliance!! I love cooking in the crock pot and the food always tastes so much better too! You can cook breakfasts, desserts, as well as your everyday main meals. My favorite for the crock pot is soup and our Sunday roast and potatoes.

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