Yummy Friday Fudge!

Growing up with two parents working a lot, my sister and I basically grew up on fast food. As a kid I loved it, but as I got older I swore that I would never do that to my own children. I try to cook as often as I can, and although I am not very skilled at it, I still have a good time doing it! I love to try new recipes and I think I have tried making tamales about three times already not succeeding once yet! LOL In fact I just bought some meat and Masa at the store this past week, determined to try it again!

My Grandmother was a big part of my life growing up and still is today. She is and always has been like a second mother to me. I loved going to spend weekends with her and learning the special things she would teach me. Every morning she would make pancakes for my sister and I, always making Mickey Mouse ears or a smiley face. She introduced me to some of my favorite foods like Salmon and Artichokes. Her favorite thing to cook up is her homemade fudge. We would help her stir in the ingredients and stir the fudge while it cooked. After pouring it onto the plate we would all gather around the pan with our spoons and scrape the pan clean. This has carried out through to my own family. My kids now gather around me as we make the fudge and scrape the pan clean. These are family memories that will never be forgotten. With Grandparents day approaching I thought I would share Grandmas fudge with you all. Hope you enjoy and please come back here and tell me all about your experience.

Grandma's Fudge -

2 c Sugar
2/3 c Milk
1/3 c Cocoa
2T Corn Syrup
2T Butter
1t Vanilla
Dash of salt

Mix sugar, milk, cocoa, corn syrup and salt in pan. Heat over low to medium heat until almost a boiling point. Stir continuously until a small ball forms in a shallow bowl of water. Turn off heat and add the butter and vanilla (this is where you can add peanut butter or nuts if you like) place pan in sink full of cold ice water and keep stirring until it gets so thick you can barley stir it. Pour onto buttered plate and enjoy!