I have been so sick this past week, in urgent care, having tests done, in and out of the Doctor's, been taking med's and finally am feeling so much better. I am so happy to be able to get out and celebrate my babies birthday tomorrow. As I write this and look up at that picture I actually have tears running down my face. This is my baby, our youngest, and she is turning five! I asked her where did my baby go? That she can't have her birthday and has to stay four forever. She said OK Mom, I will always be your baby. I cried and laughed all at the same time, and told her it's OK, no matter how old she gets, that she would always be my baby girl.

Tomorrow we are surprising her with Disneyland. She does not know it and will be so ecstatic when we pull into Disneyland tomorrow. The last time we went, she was so young that she does not remember. In 2009, on your birthday you can get into Disneyland for free. What a great deal, so we had to take advantage of it. They also start with their Halloween festivities and decorations tomorrow. Of course I will take tons of pictures and yes, there will be an upcoming blog post on Mia's 5Th Birthday Celebration at Disneyland.......stay tuned!