If you live in California, First Lady Maria Shriver and The California Restaurant Association will be hosting Family Day on September 23rd between the hours of 4-8pm. Family Day 2009 is to encourage families to sit down and eat dinner together. I love this idea! Today so many families either are not home all at the same time to eat dinner together or if they are home, each one grabs their dinner and goes their own separate way. How many times have you grabbed your dinner and sat in front of the computer trying to get some work done, or let your kids watch cartoons during dinner with nobody saying anything to each other because everyone is so fixated on the TV?

Would it really be so difficult to sit at the dinner table and eat with your family? For some of us, this might be difficult, and maybe the first couple times there would be no communication. Everyone might sit there, looking around, eat their dinner and leave. Or like at my house, I remember the first time we all actually sat around the dinner table together, the kids did not know what to think and just about laughed the entire time! Now we eat at the table at least three times a week and I like to get the kids involved by helping cook dinner or setting the table. Try this, go out of your way and make sure that your family takes some time away from work, electronics, cell phones and what ever else is the obstacle for eating dinner together. Communication will bring your family closer together, it also shows your children that you do care and are willing to take time out of your busy day to sit down, eat dinner with them and not the TV. It's a great way to catch up, unwind and enjoy some family time at the end of a busy day.

One of the Restaurants that will be participating in this event is El Pollo Loco. For every combo that you buy, you can get one free kids meal, limit two per table. For an entire list of participating restaurants visit CRA If you do not live in California, I encourage you to participate in this event on September 23rd by sitting down and simply eating dinner with your family.