Back to School With Marshalls

Our kids started back to school on August 10th. We were low on funds this year so bought here and there trying to get ready for school. A new year, new friends, new styles, and "socially" this is when you buy your kids new clothes for the year. I have to tell you, out of all four of our children, our youngest son Christian, who is six years old is the pickiest when it comes to style. He is even worse than the girls. LOL! Last year we had the biggest problem with his shoe laces, he would not leave the house until they were the same length on each side and did not touch the floor. Even though they looked "fine" to us, he would always find something wrong. His clothing also, he would only wear certain things. I try not to even buy him anything unless he is with me to approve. Otherwise I will end up making several trips to find something he will wear and not something that will just sit in his dresser. This happened to me last week and I should have known. During Marshalls back to school Twitter party hosted by @happysquid and @MomStart, I won the grand prize, a $250 gift card to Marshalls. Yes, very exciting!! What made it even more special is that my husband has been laid off due to the economy and it's really hitting us hard. What a blessing this was!!

The closest Marshalls is about a thirty minute drive for us. As many of you know it is hard to shop with kids. So I thought I would take a drive up there to see what I could find. With Christian the way he is, I think I ended up making three or four trips before I finally just decided to take him with me. It had really been years since I had been in a Marshalls. I remember one thing I did not like was having to search the racks just to find something I might like. Unlike the department stores where everything is together and it's easy to find what you are looking for. I think I spent four hours there the first day I went! I have to admit I loved searching the children's rack, it was like searching for gold! I am a big brand name person, I hate to admit it but I love brand names. I found quality name brand merchandise for up to 80% off of what it would normally be. I found the cutest boys Nike Angels jersey and short set for only $13.00!! This is something that would normally be $40-$50! I really had the best time brand hunting. I felt like a kid in the candy store. Although now, I think I am seriously addicted! LOL! I don't want to miss out on something good. Oh, and I have to tell you - did you know they had Layaway? I was so excited when I found this out! I was actually standing in line and the person ahead of me was making a payment for something, but had no clothes. So I had to be nosey and ask "Do you have layaway?" Wow! What a great option in these tough economic times!! I absolutley fell in love with Marshalls. I find myself now having to make weekly visits there just to make sure I don't miss something really good. Thank you Marshalls, @happysquid and @MomStart for helping to provide our children with back to school clothes and for letting me discover Marshalls all over again!