Frustration Friday!!!

Today ends the second week of school for us. We are very happy with my youngest daughter's teacher, she was actually Christian's teacher last year and was so good that we requested her for Mia.

If you have read my posts before, you know that our school has the highest poverty rate in Los Angeles County. The school is having such bad budget issues, that the County almost took over. To save money, they closed one of our only two elementary schools. This is why it has seemed to by a very tough year from the get go. Placing the kids from two schools into one! They have laid off many teachers and aides. It has been a very frustrating first two weeks!!

Christian entered first grade this year. Our baby boy is sure growing fast! Yes, I cried his first day of school! LOL and my eyes still water up just thinking about my baby boy growing up! We are a family that has come from the school that closed. We were very happy with Wilsona Elementary and were very saddened by the closure. But...when we learned that Christian was assigned a teacher that came from Wilsona and that got good reviews from our daughters teacher, we were happy and thought there would be no problems.

When I first met our son's first grade teacher, she was very soft spoken and seemed very down to earth. After a few days my son would start coming home from school telling me that she would yell alot. I was not sure to believe this or not, as you know how sometimes a six year old can exaggerate things! I always talk to my kids everyday. I really believe that communication is so important! Especially since school started, and I can't be there to see everything that is going on. Everyday when they get home from school, I will sit down with them each individually and talk to them about their day and also tell them about my day and what I did while they were at school.

Yesterday my son came home and during our talk had also told me that besides yelling the teacher is calling names like stupid, and telling them to shut up. I was shocked by this!!!! I confronted the teacher this morning about what my son was accusing her of. She clearly stated that she does tell them to shut their mouth, and that they will not be smart if they continue to not listen. On a quick note, she has 26 students and no aide. She also stated that she is having a very hard time getting things done because "these kids" are not listening. While talking to her, I could see the frustration and tension in her. I do not have any doubt that my son is telling the truth.

I talked to the principle for a quick minute this morning and explained to her what was going on. I told her she might even want to pull in a couple other kids to see what they say. But again, after talking with the teacher and hearing what she had to say, I have no doubt that this is going on!! We will see how and if they really follow up on it.....I sure will!! What a frustrating first two weeks!!