California Fire Season

Our family lives in California, where the sun shines most days of the year, we have the beaches, mountains, deserts and the city all with in an hours drive. This weekend we are forced to stay in our homes. The air quality is horrible with the ash and smoke that fill the air. The kids will have no outside play at school this week.

It is fire season here and as I write this I send my thoughts and prayers out to all the families affected from all four fires that are burning here in Southern California. The major fire is being called the Station Fire. This is only about a 45 minute drive away from us. It has already burned three homes and three people have been burned. One firefighter has also been injured.

More and more evacuations are being ordered with over 10,000 homes, 500 commercial properties, and over 2,000 other structures being threatened. Temperatures have been in the high 90's with very low humidity. The fire is not only burning this direction, but in all directions. It is also very close to Mt. Wilson, where alot of fire, police, TV stations, and radio stations signal from. Can you imagine if all signals were to go out?

The Station Fire has already burned over 35,000 acres and is still burning strong. I ask as you go about your life in this upcoming week that you say a prayer for Southern California and all those affected by the fires.

**UPDATE** Fire is still burning strong and two firefighters have been killed when their vechicle went over the side of a cliff.