Thank you!

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for Vista San Gabriel in the Big Lots Lots2Give contest held for schools in need across the County. My two younger children attend this school, the one school in Los Angeles County with the highest poverty level! (this is a picture of my youngest son the day he graduated Kindergarten - with his teacher) In our community we have two elementary schools, and one middle school. Because of major budget issues one of the elementary schools have been closed and all the children from both schools will be forced into one - which is Vista San Gabriel. My heart just breaks, I know this is happening all over the Country - but when it's is in your own community, and the school your children attend it just makes you shed a tear. How can these children possibly get the education they deserve and are in so need of.

What can we do as parents to help this situation? I ask myself this question over and over. I try to volunteer all I can, send in extra school supplies to prevent the teacher from having to go deeper into her pocket than she already has to, and the most important thing I think we can do as parents is teach our children. I always ask their teacher for extra activities that they can do at home. I also will print out activities from the Internet, and sometimes even make up my own. I think in these day and times it is so ever more important to spend time with your children. Children love to learn and explore - it's up to us to fulfill that need.