It's my Birthday
So tomorrow, July 28th is my 32nd birthday! As I sit here and think, wow, thirty two years old, I think about where I am today. I have four beautiful children, a loving husband and a beautiful home. My husband was unemployed, laid off in this troubling economy. I know that this year will be quiet, we will not be celebrating birthday's as we have in the past. No going out to eat this year, no presents, and no big celebrations. Yes, having a birthday usually means a party, gifts and great food, but I know this year there will be none of that. Our youngest daughter's birthday is at the end of September and my Grandmother will be turning 85 - we have been putting money aside to hold a wonderful celebration to celebrate four generations and eighty years apart - but that is something they need and at that age will have much more of a special meaning to them and everyone else.

So, will I be disappointed tomorrow when I wake up to no gifts, no cake, no party and no going out. I would be lying if I said no, of course everyone wants to be celebrated and appreciated. But.....I think of the things I do have and my kids hugging me with a happy birthday greeting, a smile, a note or whatever else they create. Those are the best memories of all! Being able to hug my children everyday, knowing they LOVE me, need me and want ME!! As we begin the planning process of our daughters/grandmothers birthday celebration, I thought wouldn't it be neat to invite a little girl the same age as my daughter, who also has a birthday around that date, and who lives in a children's home to be a part of the celebration. A child who probably does not get birthday parties or the attention a child of a family would receive. To give them a day of joy and celebration. I will keep you posted on that as we get closer to the celebration!!

As I close my eyes tonight I will ponder what tomorrow will bring....another year older, wiser, and more appreciation for life. Isn't that funny as we get older we realize things we wish we knew when we were younger. Or wish we would have taken better care of ourselves, ate better, exercised more, loved our family more?? Everyday is a new beginning, wake up take a deep breath, give your family a hug, and let the little things slide.

So here's a Happy Birthday to Hula Hooping Mom - always jumping through hoops to do what she can to make sure her family is happy, safe and secure!