Camp KOA

Our family wanted to do something over the Memorial Weekend, something that would allow us to spend more time together as a family. We thought what better way than to go camping! No TV, video games, computers....take us away from the things that seperate us on a daily basis. After searching the internet trying to find a good camping site, somewhere also that was not too far away from home, I found Camp KOA. After looking over the web site, and seeing what they had to offer I knew right away that this was the campground for us!

Camp KOA offered so much for the family for such a great price. What I loved about the campground is that they had so many family activites that were included in the price. We also had the option of staying in a tent, or renting a cabin.

We arrived late Friday night, since we waited for the kids to get out of school. We did not run into much traffic at all, so arrived there in about three hours. We set up our tent, got settled in, and explored the campground a bit. Each campsite has bbq's, and at your request, they will bring out a fire pit to your campsite - which was an added bonus! Saturday morning they started the day with family activites such as a water balloon toss, ring toss and a scavanger hunt. We then let the kids play at the pool for a bit, which as a mom - I LOVED the pool. Half the pool was three feet deep and the other half was only four feet deep!!! My two younger kids are still learning how to swim - so this was a big plus!!! They were able to get in the water by themselves and I did not have to worry about them going into the deep end! Later that day the camp had an ice cream social - the cost was $3 and you got two scoops of ice cream and all you want toppings!! Sunday morning they had an all you can eat pancake breakfast for a small cost of $4 and $1 extra for sausage. In the afternoon they had a basketball challenge that the boys loved. Then Sunday night they showed the movie Bolt outside under the stars.

We had a great time, and there was so much to do to keep the little one involved! I highly recommend Camp KOA - they have campgrounds all across the USA! We can't wait to go back!!