Lexus Safety Camp Day 4

So this was the most terrifying test drive of all!! LOL!!! This time, we were testing the vehicle stability control. First we had to brake at about 40 mph on a "slick road", then make a turn at a high speed. When our driver took us through the run I thought we were literally going to flip - my husband even put the camera down to put his seat belt on! LOL! We did one run with the vehicle stability and one run without - what a difference! You really feel like you have so much more control of the car. When it was my turn to drive, I have to admit I was half chicken and could not get the car up to anywhere near where my professional driver had it at!! Luckily I don't think anyone flipped that day :)

Next up was ABS - the Anti-Lock Braking System. ABS helps the driver maintain control in emergency braking situations so they are better able to steer around obstacles. We tested this with the RX 450h and with the ABS the vehicle responds by "pulsing" the brakes to the individual wheels to help maintain maximum tire traction with road surface. During braking, sensors monitor the rotational speed of each wheel and a computer compares the individual wheel speeds to prevent wheel lock up.


The car above, on the right is the vehicle with ABS - while you step on the brakes you are still able to control the car and steer. The vehicle on the left, when you step on the brakes you can turn the steering wheel as many times as you want and the car will not turn. I never knew this about ABS - never really understood what it did or how important it can be. Thanks Lexus!

Before we end our week long feature about vehicle safety I would like to introduce you to I had the honor to meet Janette Fennel, the founder and president of, a national non-profit organization that works to keep children safe in and around motor vehicles. You could see the passion she has for what she does while making it really come across what an important issue this is.

KIDS AND CARS Goals and Objectives:
  • maintains a a national database on injuries and deaths that occur to children as a result of nontraffic, noncrash incidents.
  • Develop and implement programs that educate and raise awareness of the public about the dangers of leaving children unattended in and around vehicles.
  • Provide legislators and other policymakers with the information and support they need to implement laws to reduce and eliminate unnecessary death and injury to children.
  • Create a social climate in which children are never left unattended in or around a vehicle, even for a moment.
  • Recommend regulations for product redesign to promote safer vehicles.
**50 kids every week are backed over & at least two of those die.......please for more information and to find out how you can help.