Beauty Addiciton

Ladies, if you are in Vegas, even just on vacation and need to get beautified - see my girl Brianna!  She is very talented as what she does and has a huge heart!   Brianna has years experience, is a licensed cosmetologist and specializes in hair, lashes, eyebrows, full body waxing, threading and airbrush tanning.  The list goes on!

When I first started seeing her, my hair was in dire need of some love.   My hair was a bronze orange lol for real!  She took me out of that to a beautiful red for the winter.  I absolutely loved it!!  Now I am transitioning back to light brown with highlights for the summer time.  She def has the patience and will work with you to get your hair  healthy and beautiful!  I'm always undecided as my mind flurries with different ideas.  I will always go over them with her and with her knowledge and experience she always knows what is best and hits it on point!

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